MENTOR is the next word in the 100 Day Challenge.

This is Monday morning. I miss my Monday morning breakfast meetings with my friend, George. We met every Monday morning for several years. He was a great friend and mentor. He was very busy, but he still took time to meet with me for 30 to 45 minutes every Monday morning. And I am better because of it.

George is the only one with whom I had a weekly meeting appointment, but he was not my only mentor.

There were a few other gentlemen who I learned from. I watched these guys, how they moved, how they spoke, how they led. Eventually I began to seek their advice. Combined, they have contributed heavily to the person I am today. I will be forever grateful. I hope someday, I can be a fraction of the encouragement to someone that they have been to me.

We all need a mentor. I am 63 years old and I am not finished learning. Find someone you trust. Seek their advice. If you are older, like me, be ready, willing and able to share your wisdom and knowledge with others.

Today’s Winning Thought: Find a good mentor. It is an investment of time you will not regret.

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