LESSONS is todays word in the 100 Day Challenge.

A lesson is something learned at one time. In the book, I listed 61 lessons. There are undoubtedly many more than that. Here are a few that I believe will make life easier. If there is one you agree with, do not keep it to yourself. Share it with someone you know. Think specifically of a young person. In no particular order, here are some life lessons I have learned and try to live by.

If you are a parent of a young child, do not be afraid to let him or her fail. It will make them stronger adults, if they do not waste those failures. The goal is to let the failure refine them, not define them.

Make reading an absolute priority.

Learn how to handle money. Another priority.

Understand personal accountability and live that way.

Pay extra attention when you are driving.

Have all the facts you need before making a decision.

Never take anything or anyone for granted.

Never lose hope.

Do not be afraid to ask for advice from people who are wiser than you. That is not a weakness in your personal character.

Expect that life will not always be fair.

Expect that nothing will be handed to you.

Do more than is expected of you.

Love people. Use things.

Have margin in your life.

The are many more. Add these to your own list, and look for opportunities to share them with your kids, your students, your team, your staff.

Today’s Winning Thought: “Never allow a mistake to become another one.” — Red Cashion, retired National Football League referee

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