Today’s word in the 100 Day Challenge is KINDNESS.

Kids have a way of breaking things down to a simple form. When asked about the meaning of kindness, a sixth grader said, “If someone is in need, just lend a hand and help them out.”

If it is really that simple why don’t we see more of it? A few more simple acts of kindness everyday would have a significant impact on the world, or at least someone’s world. It does not have to be complicated or cost you anything. It could be as simple as letting someone goes before you in line, especially in traffic, or even a sincere hello or word of encouragement. Princess Jackson-Smith said, “Never underestimate the power of a simple courtesy. Your courtesy may not be returned or remembered, but discourtesy will.”

Today’s Winning Thought: Being kind is just a matter of being intentional and a little more observant. Before this day ends do something nice for someone.

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