Today’s word in the 100 Day Challenge is HOPE.

I choose one word as a theme to live by each year. This year it is LEAD. I also have a life word. It is ENCOURAGE. But there is one more word that will always be my co-word, a word that will always be part of my life. That word is HOPE.

You need hope just like you need water and the ability to breathe. You absolutely cannot live without it. There are really few hopeless situations in life, but the world is full of people who have lost hope. Don’t you be one of them. NEVER lose hope. NEVER!

The start of the new year is six days away. If you have not done so, get a plan for how you will live in 2018. It is critical that you get off to a good start. Whatever your plan, you will need hope. It ought to be a Federal law. Carry it with you at all times. Do not leave home without it.

Today, think about that word HOPE. Do you have it? Do you have enough of it? What has to happen for you to have hope?

Sometime this week, get a glass and fill it half full of water and sit it on the counter. Step back and look at it. In your opinion, is the glass half full or is it half empty? I hope you do not see it as half empty? I always preferred to see the glass as half full. One day earlier this year, I realized that even half full was not good enough. As I learned, the glass is refillable. Go from half full to refillable. Go from some hope to full hope. When you start to run low, simply refill your glass.

Today’s Winning Thought: 2018, and the rest of your life, will be better if you do not lose hope.

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