The next word in my 100 Day Challenge is GROW.

I did not start growing until I started reading and seeking advice from a circle of friends, mentors and advisors. I will stop growing if I stop reading and learning from others.

Your personal growth is on you. It is your responsibility. Others will be willing to help, but you have to make the decision to start. There is no finish line. The finish line is the day you leave this earth. Never stop learning. Never stop helping others learn and grow. Someone, somewhere needs some of the knowledge that you have. Share your knowledge. Do not take it with you.

I saw an acronym for the word GROW recently. It might be helpful as you consider your personal growth.

Goal. What is your goal?

Reality. What is your reality today?

Options or Obstacles. What choices do you have? What is standing in your way?

Will or Way. What will you do about this? Which way are you going to go?

Today’s Winning Thought: Personal growth is worth the investment.

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