Today’s word in the 100 Day Challenge is GRACE.

Learn all you can about this word. You are going to need it. In your life there will be no shortage of opportunities to use it.

I wrote in the book Sight Words about the way Special Olympics basketball games are officiated. It is nothing but pure grace. Go watch a game sometime. The first traveling violation or double dribble will occur within the first 10 seconds. Do not expect to hear a whistle. It will another happen. There is a lot of grace there.

I can only think of this word from a faith perspective. Life, with all of the trials and testing, will drain you of energy, hope and peace without grace. Get grace that comes from God. Grace will protect you from some pain. I think you will find that the more grace you have, the more grace you will be able to give.

Today’s Winning Thought: How much grace should you offer up? How many times should you forgive? Seven times? Matthew 18:22 says seventy times seven. That means we should not even try to keep score.

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