Today’s word in the 100 Day Challenge is FINISH.

I have been seeing this word, or something that reminds me of it, in a lot of places recently. There is a quote at the top of each daily page in the planner I use. Yesterday’s quote, from Mark Twain, read, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

I am also reading Jon Acuff’s newest book titled FINISH. The tag line under his title is “Give yourself the gift of done.”

Sometimes, it is hard to start something. Sometimes it is hard to finish. But it matters how you finish. Take life, for instance. It matters a lot how well you finish your life. You cannot go back and make a brand new start, but you can start today and make a brand new ending. And it will end. Whether it is a job, a relationship or your life, do not get to the end only to have regret.

And do not quit too soon. A few more football games were won last weekend on the final play. One in particular was by a team that had no chance of winning.

I like how seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson said it: “In order to finish first, first you must finish.”

Today’s Winning Thought: Finish. Finish well. Finish strong. Don’t worry about the outcome. Trust the process.

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