The next word in the 100 Day Challenge is FAMILY.

One of the great tragedies in America today, I believe, is the breakdown of families. Home should be a safe place, where you are loved and supported. Sadly, too many homes are more like combat zones.

There is no question about it, I married up. I mean, I have a great wife. She is strong, a great support and is someone who I count on to provide me with wise counsel. I am blessed, and I know it. We have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, who has strengthened our marriage, and our immediate and extended family. But we are not perfect. Do we ever irritate each other? Sure. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. There is no such thing as perfect. Individually and as a family, we are a work in progress. Keep making progress and you will avoid many land mines and enter few, if any, combat zones.

How do you make progress? You start by being intentional, by being kind. Love builds up. It does not demand its own way. As Max Lucado once wrote, “Don’t change ‘I do’ to ‘I’ll redo.'” Remember the old saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” Do you want to right, or do you want to be happy? And as for your kids, one of the best things you can do for them is be a good spouse.

Having a loving, healthy and happy family does not happen automatically. You MUST pour yourself into your relationships. It requires continual effort and attention.

Today’s Winning Thought: You and your family will experience trials, struggles and pain. It is unavoidable. But take care of each other. It is your primary support system.

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