FAILURE is the next word in my 100 Day Challenge.

A few days ago, I wrote that a person can go from failure to success, but not from excuses to success. That is because success begins with failure.

Embrace failure. Do not be afraid of it. You should wish for it for your kids. What? Don’t be afraid to let them fail. Just encourage them to not waste a failure by failing to learn from it. You need to hope that they fail at small things when they are young so later they won’t fail at bigger things, like life.

Failure is part of the learning and growing process. A friend of mine is a former college football coach. One of his teams was rolling along unbeaten and headed for a great season. Then they lost a close game. I remember him telling his players that they had lost a game, not a season. You are going to lose a game or a sale or a job more than once in life. Your response will say a lot about you. Pick yourself up off the ground and start again.

Today’s Winning Thought: “The road to success is filled with the potholes of failure.” — Kevin O’Leary

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